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  1. 1.0 Microstudio - Replaces Disc Architect
  2. 2.013 Microstudio with Karaoke Home Player
  3. Microstudio Installation Instructions Sheet
  4. MS1-08/01/00-Must upgrade computer to Microsoft DirectX 7.0A
  5. MS2-08/01/00-Graphics out of sync with music using Play Tab
  6. MS3-08-01-00-Write Not Successful; message appears while writing CDR
  7. MS4-08-01-00-Write Unsuccessful message appears during Making Disc Image Process
  8. MS5-08-01-00-Random colored or missing dots in lyrics letters
  9. Microstudio will not open if blank media is in the CD-R
  10. MS7-08-11-00-The Custom Assembly Tab buttons do not function
  11. WARNING! Use CDR media, not CDRW media
  12. CD-Recorders that read/write Karaoke CDG discs
  13. Version History for Microstudio
  14. Graphics get all mixed up (because of faulty CDR drive)
  15. Microstudio 2.013 is Win2000 Compatible
  16. Visual C+ Program Run Time Error
  17. Microstudio V2.013 stops running in 3 days
  18. Microstudio V2.013 - can't install with V1.0 unlock code
  19. Video Lagging Audio
  20. Microstudio fails after installing SCSI scanner or SCSI card ASPI driver.
  21. Sound Choice - Tell us your experiences with them
  22. Microstudio V2.013 won't install with V1.0 unlock code - contact MTU
  23. Microstudio V2.013 Player Code Rewritten for V2.103
  24. Microstudio caused an Invalid Page Fault
  25. Lagging Display
  26. microstudio
  27. Want silent gap to be more than 2 seconds.
  28. Failure to complete recording at higher than 6x write - Requires V2.2
  29. Microstudio stopped working - Reason is the CDR failed
  30. Disc Architect stopped copying
  31. Microstudio V2.001 120-day trial period terminated message - what to do
  32. Problems and Solutions - V2.013 AND V2.103
  33. Major problems with Microstudio - solved!
  34. Why turn off "Write Behind Caching" for all drives?
  35. Don't open Microstudio V2.013 with a blank disc in the CDR drive
  36. Microstudio V2.013 crashes and lockups
  37. Is it a necessity to have Microstudio to burn a CDG?
  38. Yamaha 2100 CDRW - Supported in V2.200, Not Earlier!
  39. Microstudio V2.013 crashing problems
  40. PleXWriter
  41. moniter black out
  42. NEW RELEASE! Microstudio V2.103 - REQUIRES new Serial Number!
  43. Copied CDG does not play
  44. trouble with downloading software - the MTU Store is NOT where to download from
  45. Control Feature
  46. Microstudio Madness - problems with Adaptec SCSI 2940UW Pro card
  47. microstudio karaoke cdg
  48. Program failed
  49. Matsushita CDROM UJDA110 1.05 in portable computer is not supported
  50. Double image lyric lines on some cdg disks
  51. Microstudio 1.0 has 120 day termination to force upgrade to V2.0
  52. Play Tab V2.103 has only Refresh button active
  53. Changing The Drive/Directory Where Files Store
  54. Problems with Microstudio 2.013 (Demo)
  55. Play does not work and I keep getting an invalid page fault message
  56. CD+g won't playback on Microstudio
  57. Playing CDG
  58. SetDisplayMode:Failed
  59. Verified ASPI 4.60 / Still no play.
  60. Re-install
  61. Pioneer Laser Disks Cannot Be Copied - Read Here About Converting to CDG
  62. Can't write faster than 6x speed
  63. Microstudio Play Tab Did Not Play - Problem was ASPI Driver - Solved!
  64. MICROSTUDIO V2.20x PROGRESS - updated 03/15
  65. Cannot set path with Select Folder button until after the New Button is clicked
  66. Screen is blacked out when playing CDAUDIO
  67. Page fault when starting Microstudio 2.103 - Needed to upgrade ASPI Driver
  68. writing karoake discs at 6x fails - Solution is Microstudio V2.200
  69. I canīt play cdg files in my H.D. back to back
  70. Problem understanding Microstudio, taking 90 minutes to copy a disc
  71. What hit MTU 12/2000 - 02/2001 was HIGHLY UNUSUAL
  72. copy direct from CDROM to CDR without the hard drive - not supported
  73. Copy CD to CDG
  74. Microstudio and Windows 2000
  75. Download Codes - How to Get New Ones From MTU
  76. How to Upgrade Your ASPI Driver
  77. V2.013 fails to run with a blank CDR in the drive
  78. Running DXDIAG.EXE
  79. V2.000-2.013 - 120 Day Trial Period Terminated Message
  80. HP CD Recorders with My CD 2.0 Software Will NOT Work
  81. Bug 2.103: Playing a Song Flashes a Black Screen and Returns to Play Tab
  82. V2.103 Write Command Failed on Device X:X:X Read/Write Error or Bad Medium Detected
  83. V2.103 Fails to Write Faster Than 6x Speed - Multiple Causes
  84. V2.200 can crash with bad cdg discs - newer V2.20x fixes this
  85. Read/Write Speeds v2.200
  86. can not get MICROSTUDIO 2103 to operate
  87. V2.20 problem writing at faster speeds
  88. Microstudio Not Playing WAV files - It plays CDG, WAV is coming
  89. Noisy CD
  90. Windows 2000 Assembly Final CDG Burn
  91. do I need two Cdroms?
  92. .DLL errors
  93. v2.20 Not Completely Copying Discs
  94. Recording disc image to hard drive stops half way through - scratched disc
  95. Microstudio Not Working - solved by adjusting hardware accelerator control
  96. IDE controller problem in windows - a fix
  97. USB recorders and Microstudio
  98. windows ME - NO SYSEDIT?????????
  99. Windows ME no sysedit need to do this so i can install software
  100. microstudio demo not seing cdg disc
  101. Microstudio V2.000 Won't Install
  102. Crashes during Play mode
  103. screen shows 2 copies of lines being read
  104. what is needed to become a beta tester
  105. Playing crashes on my system with Windows ME - many with ME play OK
  106. Recording music to hard drive.
  107. Not able to record past 6x
  108. Illegal operation program will be shut down
  109. Still unable to record CDG's past 6x - enable DMA on IDE hard drive
  110. Desktop very large after crash - how to fix it
  111. Error messages - download to your computer, don't run from website
  112. Microstudio crashes my computer when I try to play or record cd+g
  113. copying karaoke cd's
  114. What DVD players can play CD+G?
  115. Does Microstudio need SCSI?
  116. Trouble reading new Sony 140 Drive - DON'T BUY SONY 140'S!!!!!
  117. MicroStudio just stopped burning for me.
  118. CDROM does not read CDG - can appear as ASPI problem
  119. Will Record onto disc but not play back
  120. Monitor\Television components (screen size)
  121. Windows 2000
  122. Cd-Rom unable to Read CD-G
  123. things keep getting worse
  124. Unable to fully record CDG
  125. I want to upgrade my computer
  126. No other audio sounds with Microstudio open - fixed in V2.300
  127. Duplicate disc to disc direct? - No...
  128. copying mixed songs
  129. Select tracks in the playlist? - YES... in V2.303
  130. Is direct x8.0 needed?
  131. placing an audio track & cdg track on same disc
  132. mitsumi 4804
  133. ASPI driver - how to install it
  134. Microstudio will no longer burn for me
  135. Microstudio Will Not Run - upgrade Directx
  136. lost things when i installed microstudio
  137. will not write cdg's after download - problem was terminating early with Enter key
  138. SetDisplayLevel Failed, SetCooperativeLevel Failed
  139. New Sound Choice discs have copy protection
  140. Lyrics out of sync - Nikkodo modified their CDG timing!
  141. TIPS FOR RECORDING: Hardware Software & Media
  142. CD - Recordable FAQ!
  143. New operating system and associated bugs
  144. New (play)Version Still Clips Some Name Brand Songs
  145. What is new in V2.303?
  146. Error Message - Reading Disc Cache
  147. Latest version gives errors
  148. Microstudio 2.303 chops part of KHP track text
  149. Microstudio 2.303 says
  150. Authorization problems downloading - Follow the Microstudio download instructions
  151. Microstudio 2.303 problems - FIXED in V2.311
  152. V2.303 problems reported and their fix status
  153. waiting for version 2.305
  154. Unable to read TOC
  155. Will Microstudio play wav. files? - Not currently.
  156. Problems downloading new Microstudio
  157. Will my HP8100 work for CDG?
  158. sound choice 8684
  160. Drives not shown, Ver 2.303 won't work
  161. version 2.303 will not run - problems are being solved, but not yet released
  162. Download Not Complete?
  163. Bug in 2.303 - fixed in 2.310 release
  164. Ver 2.303 does not see drives
  165. Laptop sound card not detected
  166. no audio while running microstudio v2.303
  167. I Need Help Downloading! - Solved by restoring default browser
  168. video cdg's
  169. Cannot Be Unpacked-get New Copy
  170. Microstudio with Composite Video VGA Card
  171. importing cdg files from cd
  172. combining several songs from different cdg's
  173. Windows 2000 and ASPI
  174. play cdg through monitor
  175. V2.310 solves problems
  176. Our support is behind right now because...
  177. Garbled letters
  178. can't record in custom assembly
  179. V2.103 demo doesn't recognize new Plextor PX161040A drive
  180. Problems with NEC 7700 CDR - Won't copy CDG format
  181. Problem initiating write
  182. DirectX SetCooperative level & SetDisplay Mode failed
  183. Error: Unable to read AUDIO
  184. Serial Number Replacement
  185. Song Book Software
  186. adaptec pops up and covers microstudio??
  187. firewire cdr's able to burn cdg's?
  188. Read TOC Command Failure in 2.310 and 2.311
  189. Need Instruction manuel??
  190. auto play file from shortcut?
  191. Still can't open and print manuel fot mtu3.11
  192. I have a question about MicroStudio
  193. Read TOC Command Failure - 3 suggestions to try
  194. cannot copy my cdg's Im getting frustrated
  195. custom compilation cd+g(how/why/when/where!!!
  196. Micro Installation
  197. I am gettin very frustrated... - writing faster than computer can do
  198. Read T.o.c. Failure
  199. Micro Studio With WindowsXP Proffesional!
  200. laser discs to cdg discs
  201. How's KHP compared to DART KARAOKE STUDIO?
  202. Using .cdg and .bin files (what are they?)
  203. Downloaded V2.311 but cannot run it
  204. "CreateSurface Failed" error message
  205. Default Project Folder
  206. Copying Sound Choice Newest CDGs
  207. MicroStudio Download
  208. "unable to create file D:/image.cue"
  209. The JVC karaoke player can't read my burned CD's
  210. Says..No sound card
  211. Gettin' Ready To Build My Own Computer
  212. Graphics problems - Solved by downloading DirectX 8.0
  213. Writing Cd, Custom Assembly
  214. Windows 2000 Support
  215. Can't install microstudio2312 - installed ASPI driver and it works!
  216. no CD players found
  217. Custom Assembly Tab does not work in 2.103 or earlier
  218. I Want Upgrades And Get No Response
  219. tdk velocd compatibility
  220. audio & graphics not synching
  221. seeing double lines during play
  222. Looking for Software!!
  223. Vcd karaoke please look in
  224. Sound Choice using MediaCloq to prevent playing/copying
  225. Slow writing image to harddrive
  226. windows XP
  227. Windows NT
  228. can't see graphics
  229. New HOSTER
  230. Graphics mess up after trk 9
  231. another sound choice problem???
  232. graphics sometimes don't work with on player joint's player
  233. Hp 9150!!
  234. Can't Read Graphics on NuTECH CDG's
  235. Windows 2000
  236. Microstudio 2.312 and Windows XP
  237. nikkodo, soundchoice, microstudio pro (hoster)
  238. windows xp & microstudio
  239. ide vs. scsi
  240. Sound Choice Problem
  241. cant copy from hard drive to cdr
  242. cdg to vcd
  243. CDG files?
  244. error "read toc"
  245. Archive the New CDG's
  246. Skins
  247. problem choice: slow panning text or burning issue
  248. Transfer Program
  249. plextor 24/10/40ta
  250. Coping the NEW SC cd/s