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Old September 18th, 2002, 05:41 PM
rocketpix rocketpix is offline
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Krystal DSP problem with Soundscape card

I realize that this is a really specific problem that might be best resolved with a phone call to MTU but I decided to post it here first incase someone else has had a similar issue.

I'm having a strange hardware conflict with the Krystal board.

I’m trying to get my Soundscape REd external hard-disk recorder to use my MicroSound computer. (The Soundscape is an outboard system that only uses the computer as the user interface. I don’t intend to use MicroSound and Soundscape simultaneously. I just want them to live in the same computer with the same monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.)

The Soundscape uses a small PCI interface card that connects the outboard unit to the computer. There is no DSP on the card. Whenever I have this card installed in the computer, upon bootup I get a message “Krystal DSP #1 has Rev A DSP which is no longer supported.” This is in the “DOS like” screen early on before windows starts. I then get the familiar “Unable to Download DSP56301 Code” error message after I get into windows, and of course MicroEditor doesn’t run.

If I take the Soundscape PCI card out, everything is fine and MicroSound works normal. No bizarre Krystal message on boot up.

I’ve tried different slots for the PCI card but there’s no difference. It doesn’t seem to be an IRQ thing as the IRQs are all the same either way. (The Krystal should take IRQ priority anyway based on the order I have the cards in the slots.)

I was a Krystal beta tester way back when MTU was developing the PCI card so my Krystal is as old as it gets. Perhaps I actually do need a newer Krystal card with updated DSP? Any help is appreciated because right now I’m at a loss.

Of course the obvious answer is “Don’t put the Soundscape card in your MicroSound computer” but I’d really like to have my MicroSound and Soundscape together with only one audio computer to deal with in my studio. I realize that what I’m trying to do probably does not fall under any type of “free” tech support but I’m not shy about paying MTU a fee for this. I really want to try to make this work.

My MicroSound computer configuration:

A-bit VH6T motherboard
Intel PIII 1.4 GHz
1 gig SDRAM
Matrox G450 dualhead graphics card
PCI slot #1 - 3-Com Etherlink 10/100 network card
PCI slot #2 - Krystal 2400 - 803-033-2 rev D - DSP301 v1.2 A46A
PCI slot #3 - empty
PCI slot #4 - empty
ISA slot - MicroSync – set to IRQ 4

Win 98 SE
MicroEditor version 5.4

Eric Susch
Rocket Pictures
(845) 620-9512
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