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Old January 6th, 2005, 04:17 AM
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First Hoster Show!

Today I finally did it. I was so close last night to getting it done, I pulled an alnighter and finished loading all my music at 9:00 am. I promptly printed the books and ran to kinkos to get them duplicated and bound. I was determined to have books done today so I could use hster at tonights show. Hoster was a hit! It was so easy, and freed me from spending entire songs putting discs away and sorting slips. I was actually able to mingle with the crowd and play with my new shure wireless too! I found a 20 second delay was perfect for leaving it on auto and calling out the next singer from the crowd, and everyone loved the singer window. This will make my shows much more interactive. MTU I thank you.

I did have one pilot error when I first started up desktop appeared on my tv and the laptop screen was the display. Try reading stuff on a tv screen. It doesn't work. I had to drag the properties window over to the other side and change the setting that way. Everything else went smooth as silk. MTU you guys make a great product.

Here's a tip guys. If you are anxious to get up an drunning and want books right away, don't do what I did. I had kinkos comb bind my books. 3 out of five books are now messed up after one night of use. two fell apart and the other got "beered." Take the time and put the pages in plastic sheets and stick them in a 3 ring binder.. You will be glad you did even though it will take some extra time.

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