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Old October 27th, 2008, 12:01 PM
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The ease of Hoster

I was supposed to DJ Friday night from 9-1. My bartender couldn't make it to work so I went in @ 5. No big deal. I'll just DJ and help out waiting tables. The ones I can't get to can walk their happy butts up and get their own. Then my waitress called in too. I couldn't find anyone to work, so I went in to damage control mode. The first singer came in about 8:30 to sign up. I asked him if he ever thought about a new career in DJing. I explained what the situation was. He said he would try to help, but he didn't even OWN a computer. I spent about 5 minutes showing him how to add songs by #, move songs in the rotation list, and do a search. Luckily, he was a regular singer and was familiar with the singers database because I LOVE to show it off. By that time it was getting quite busy and I had to get back behind the bar. I crossed my fingers and dug my heels in.

Thanks to Hoster, the night went off without a hitch. I could never have pulled this off with disks and a triple tray. The ease of use built in to Hoster saved the night. His only difficulty was running the PA. Hoster took care of the rest.

Now if all the songs were at the same volume, (hint,hint) he would have had no trouble at all.
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