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Old August 6th, 2016, 06:02 PM
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Dual External Singer's Monitors

I need some help installing another display monitor to my home system. Currently I have a 15.5 Acer Aspire E1-531-4665 laptop, 2.2GH 2MBL3 cache, 4GB memory with a 500GB HD, and Intel HD Graphics and running Windows 7.

I have connected a VGA monitor to the laptopís VGA output. I have that monitor in the ďextendedĒ mode in order for it to display graphics of the songs for the singer, while I use the laptop monitor as the Hoster control screen.

I would like to add another monitor, and also use it in extended mode as a second singerís monitor. So, when I volunteer to lead sing-a-longs at assisted living homes, Iíll have a monitor for me and one for the audience. I have tried to connected another monitor to the laptop HDMI output to the monitorís VGA input using an adapter and it works as a stand along monitor, but not at the same time as the VGA to VGA monitor. I guess you can run the laptop monitor and one external monitor, but not two external monitors at the same time.

After some reading and watching video on You Tube, I learned I can connect another monitor if I use a USB to VGA Display Adapter. I have ordered the j5 create - USB 2.0-to-VGA Display Adapter, but Iím not sure how to get my laptop to format the three displays, so I have the laptop as the Hoster control screen and the other two as extended dual singersí displays.

Thanks for any help you might have,

Acer 11.6 inch Aspire V-5 Laptop with Win 7 Home Intel Celeron 1007U Processor 1.50Ghz 4GB ram

Acer 15.6 inch Aspire E1-531 Laptop with Win Home 10 64, Intel B960 Processor 2.2Ghz 4GB ram.
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