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Old April 25th, 2006, 05:19 AM
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Using CDRWIN to burn MicroCD files to unsupported drives

Thanks for this knowledge Rich. There are others who would like to know this.

Originally Posted by Rich LePage
Another tip learned the hard way on older systems is that it is often easier to get a F/wire card into an older machine than to add USB2. Most USB cards have multiple ports and they try to steal all the IRQ's, machine hangs. Most of the lower end F/wire cards we've tried don't though, and work OK.

Most of the big external drives we run are in combo boxes that can run either USB 2 or F/wire to allow for connecting to a variety of machines. We do that with a few outboard DVD drives too that attach to the older systems when needed.

By the way, have found that the current version of Golden Hawk CDRWIN will work fine with cue files written using MicroCD (last few versions released). MicroCD always used licensed Golden Hawk DOS code underneath. The good news though is that the Golden Hawk program supports many of the newer burners that MicroCD does not. CDRWIN also supports the CD Text format, though have not done that much with that yet.

The program is not expensive and worthwhile to anyone using Medit and/or MicroCD. You can write your cue file (with the associated ACD, BAT and DOC files) plus your WAV image file with MicroCD, then just edit the cue file if you have moved things so the first line in it points to the WAV image file's location (any text editor like Notepad is fine) and burn using CDRWIN. Only the cue and WAV files wind up being actually used this way, though to burn with Micro CD you'd still need the other files it wrote (which are small).

Golden Hawk initially did not know if this idea would work, so we took the plunge of buying it and seems to work fine. I don't know if it works with the karaoke format, but Golden Hawk has some info about that on their web site.
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Old April 5th, 2008, 01:38 PM
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Here's an update to this since Golden Hawk seems to be unreachable,
we've tried several times to update our subscription with them, but no messages have been responded to in months and their former phone number now seems to reach a medical office, who says they've had a few such calls.

If you make the image using MicroCD, among the files generated will be a CUE file. Nero 7 and 8 can burn from this, similar to how the Golden Hawk software can do.

You may need to edit the cue file (like with Golden Hawk) so that it points to the correct WAV file for the project - the one written using Micro CD.

We've been using Nero 7 (full version) with some of the newer burners which the last licensed version of Golden Hawk don't recognize. Seems to work fine, though we still make the images from Microeditor master 2 chan projects using Micro CD.

Hope this helps, I had a couple private email questions on it so figured worth posting.

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