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Old September 6th, 2002, 01:02 PM
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File Sharing, BdcstWav, The Big Picture

---Allright, I will be at a point tonight in my current project that I will be configured in a way to make it easy for me to do the mechanical work to copy some BroadcastWav files and send them in to the home office.

I will most likely send them in within a short OpenTL file so that the whole relationship will be clear.

I think it might be useful to all of us if I describe my reasoning for this, how I'm currently working, and what I am planning to do with my rig.....Comments and/or concerns are eagerly anticipated!

Now that I have bought a copy of 5.5, I'm planning next week to put a Krystal card into the Dual PIII (1gig, currently with 1gig memory) computer that houses Nuendo for me....I have Nuendo and Cool Edit 2000 living in this computer, and have just successfully done some file sharing with these two programs. I want to do the same thing with MicroEditor, and also use this computer as the MicroEditor CD editing/mastering computer....This is intended to be my all-in-one studio computer, which will be supplemented by other rigs with removable and portable drives, as well as at least one mobile unit.

This computer is a huge rack mount job that already has 4 IDE drives on it (going to make one removable), a bunch of ancillary drives and one removable Ultra160 SCSI bay, with room for more....I can currently slap a drive from the MX2424 into it and either work directly from it or copy everything to another drive and work from that. (Current project involves doing a lot of damage repair in Nuendo and Cool Edit before sending it back to a SCSI for a mix from MX2424)...I can also currently handle pretty much all the current workstation EDLs between Nuendo and my purchase of AVTransfer from Fairlight (for testing purposes, this software is downloadable with full functionality -except for putting beeps in files- free from the net)......The only real question is the methodology of getting files to and from MicroEditor. I think the isssue will be getting them back into Medit, so I'm looking for advice on that one.

This computer will not be portable. My current "portable", which also houses one of my two MicroSync cards, is a fairly cumbersome rack mount job, and will not accept a motherboard that will allow me to upgrade from the PI 166 that is in there.....It is possible that I will try to put together a lap top rig with a Magma chasis (anyone tried this with MTU?), but I'm still trying to suss this one out.....I need to be able to do quick turnaround records and CD burns on site for radio, plus I want to maintain at least one MicroSync rig for an ancillary source for mix-to-pic work.....this will, unfortunately, have to live in Win98se.......Anyone selling their lunchbox?

All this functionality will hopefully be there right off the bat without BroadcastWav, but will be hugely enhanced by functional support of BraodcastWav.

If anyone sees problems with what I plan to do or has insights into this whole thing, let me know.....No problem with direct contact at
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