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Old June 21st, 2004, 11:57 AM
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Question Disaster! Please help!

Hey there,

I have made a terrible mess of something, and I'm hoping somebody can help because nobody's home at MTU (called three times and got voice mail each time).

I was working on a project in my Microeditor 5.2b, was running out of disk space in the drive where my project was, and so I moved it to another drive (using Windows Explorer) to a drive with more space. Inexplicably, that drive became full when I was trying to make a cue file in the MicroCD. I deleted some files I knew I didn't need anymore....and deleted some of the files that had been associated with my project in the original drive. When I went to MicroCD, I was unable to create the cue file *because* I no longer had the SF2 file from the project when it lived on the other drive. (Does that make sense?)

Thankfully, the CD cue file process had captured at least 75 percent of the wav file, so I could use EasyCD creator to burn that much of my project onto a CD. But I'm now having to redo the last 15 minutes of this hour-long program.

I don't understand why this happens. When I've moved a file from Drive I to Drive D, saved it, compacted it, made sure it has its own SF2 file....why does it still cling to the work that I had started in Drive I? (I apologize if this is a very stupid question). Is there *any* way to find these files again? (I was never told to empty the recycle bin, yet I find no evidence of the files anywhere).

And most importantly, why do my drives fill up so quickly, even after I have deleted projects or saved them in some way? I was surprised that when I was done combining group segments, and compacting the project, I suddenly had 45 minutes LESS room than when I had completed my edits.

As it was so eloquently stated in "The Fly": Help Me!!

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Old June 24th, 2004, 10:28 AM
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"cue file", drive changes

Sorry about the slow response. I let someone else use my computer while I was working at Bonnaroo, and he incapacitated my browser. cruising on the WiFi setup there.

To begin with: The CD "cue" file is not a cue file, but is a new .wav file the same length as the CD and represents the mix of the portions of .sf files in the project. This will naturally add to your hard drive at the size of a stereo 44.1k 16bit file the length of the CD (approx. 10megs per minute). Also: THIS CD FILE WILL ALWAYS BE WRITTEN ON THE DRIVE WHERE THE PROJECT FILE IS. In order to have this file be written on a new drive, you must save the project as a New Project and have that Project live on a different drive.

I am guessing that this is the sum total of the issue you have, because I am fairly sure that 5.2b finds the .sf files when you move them, and tells you it is doing it.

If your .sf files fit on the drive where the project was, all you needed to do would have been to have Saved As New Project on the other drive and used MicroCD to create a CD from the second version of the project.....As long as there was 650meg or so free on the new drive, you could create an hour-long CD on that drive.

I hope this is clear.
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