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Old March 18th, 2009, 12:12 PM
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Auto-Complete Names Saves Time Importing Songs Into The Database

I just purchased thirty discs and started using the Auto-Complete feature for the first time while importing them into Hoster. I have to say it is a true time saver! I right click on the first title field, start typing a few letters and BAM, the title pops up. I hit "Tab" and it goes to the artist field. I start typing the artist's name and BAM, the name pops up. I can now enter the titles and names for a fifteen song disc in a few minutes, VERY COOL! Most of the discs I am adding are new, within the last year or so. I was impressed to see almost all of the songs and artist were available!

Anybody that is getting ready to import a large number of discs or that imports discs on a regular basis will benefit greatly from Hoster 4.08's Auto-Complete feature. It's cut my importing time in half!

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