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How To Use Forums How to register, post for help, and rules.

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Forum Rules to Follow

Thank you for reading the MTU.Community Forum rules. We hope you enjoy being here and that you will become an active member.
  1. All messages express the views of the author, not, MTU or The Administrators. Although the MTU staff will attempt to keep the forums free from objectionable content, it is impossible to review all submitted posts. Therefore, you acknowledge that all content present on these forums express the views and opinions of their author and not necessarily represent those of anyone else, such as MTU, the administrators, moderators or webmaster. Hence, the management of this forum is free from all liability for the content within.

  2. NO advertisements! Anyone who posts advertisements for competitors or free "whatever it is", may be banned from these Forums. You can use the Buy and Sell Forum to sell equipment that is related to Karaoke or Audio products that you own and want to sell. Unrelated posts will be deleted.

  3. Use English language. Posts in other languages will be deleted.

  4. Thread Subject headings should describe the content. Avoid Subjects like: "What's this?", "Why isn't it working?", "So, which is it?". Good subject examples are: "System Error #1 - what causes it?", "What CDR do I need for CDG?", "KPro display is messing up". Inappropriate thread subjects and Forum locations will be edited, moved or deleted.

  5. Stay on topic. Submitting a Thread that is not related to the Product Forum it is under, or posting unrelated messages in an existing Thread, will be deleted or moved to an appropriate Forum. Issues other than about an MTU Product should post in the Singers and Hosts Wisdom Forum. Repeated violation of this rule, after having been notified of this, may lead to administrative action against your account.

  6. Edit your posts. When you prepare your text, click the Preview Post button at the bottom to see what it looks like when posted. The preview copy appears above the text entry window. Enter, edit and preview as much as you like. Once you click the Submit button, your post appears in the Forum. You can edit a submitted post for up to 30 minutes. After that, only Admin and Moderators can edit or delete your posts.

  7. Admin reserves the right to ban any member at any time, for any reason without recourse. MTU provides these Forums for customer support and to promote the exchange of information between friendly members. All registration application emails must match your email when you purchased your product (unless you entered an incorrect email, then notify us so we can correct your record).

  8. Do not be abusive. Messages which are flaming, insulting, abusive, obscene, vulgar, cursing, hateful, slanderous, threatening, propose illegal distribution techniques, violate laws, or are deemed as such by the MTU staff, and at their sole discretion, will be removed or edited. Members who repeately make posts in any of these categories may lead to administrative action against your account.

  9. Cookies keep you logged in. These Forums use Cookies to store information on your local computer. These do not contain any of the information you have entered to register. They serve only to increase functionality and improve your forum experience. You may disable cookies in your user settings if you wish, but it will prevent normal Forum operation for your Internet Browser.

  10. Registration data integrity is not the liability of the MTU staff. As a user you agree to your registration information being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party, MTU staff cannot be held responsible for the possible corruption of this data by illegal activities by malicious hackers, or by equipment or software malfunctions.

  11. Your email is not disclosed. Emails are used to confirm your registration as an MTU customer, and for sending passwords should you forget yours. They can be used for site-related news. Your email is never visible to other Forum members.

  12. Statements on technical or quality oriented matters are to be supported by the author with facts. If you make a claim about the general inability of a product to perform in any way, but you do not support your claim, you are likely to receive harsh responses from users. MTU staff will not take action against responding users whose experience is contrary to your post.

  13. Copyrighted or illegal material is forbidden. Links or discussions containing information of how to obtain such material, or which otherwise violate laws pertaining to such matters, will be deleted.

  14. Competive product links or discussions will be deleted. MTU is the sole determiner of what violates this rule. We are a commercial, ethical company who run this Forum to support our customers and provide an exchange of ideas about our products and the Karaoke industry in general. We pay for this Forum to exist, and invest our time to support our customers.
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