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Old November 22nd, 2000, 01:13 AM
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How much advantage does DNoise 3.0 offer over 2.0?

Specifically, is it worth installing SoundForge so I can use the Direct-X DNoise 3.0? Or should I be content with DNoise 2.0 until MicroEditor 5.3 is FINALLY available?

Will SoundForge even work with the Krystal board installed as my multimedia card? or would I have to add another sound card. :f

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Old November 27th, 2000, 05:51 PM
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The main difference is that V3.0 allows you to adjust the noise removal controls in real-time while you are listening to the processed results. The difference, according to our beta testers, is positively staggering. V2.0 is off-line processing where you can\'t hear anything until the file is processed. The time that V3.0 will save will likely pay for it in under a month if you use DNoise very much. The upgrade price for V3.0 for those who own Microtools is $300 instead of $595. The code has been entirely re-written from the ground up, costing a very large amount spent over a 2 year period.

The V3.0 algorithm has also been cleaned up a bit, so the processed results are better than V2.0.

We don\'t recommend using Krystal as a generic multimedia sound card. If you do, and Microeditor is running when any other program tries to access the sound card, Microeditor will be crashed. Krystal is NOT designed as a general purpose sound card. It is a highly customized DSP Engine with 284KB, 12nS zero wait state Static RAM to run Microeditor\'s DSP assembly code at maximum speed, with a 1KB sample buffer to insure no audio dropouts. A sound card is designed with a miminal buffer (typically 1 sample) which can allow audio dropouts. They are sound cards, not DSP Engines running massive DSP Assembly Code programs.
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