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Re: Problem Writing CD-G

Hello Roy,
Thank you very much for your suggestions, I really appreciate them.

Unfortunately, none of them seem to work!

It\'s frustrating beyond belief when a programs doesn\'t work and there seems to be no solution to the problem.

I\'ve been a member of this forum for 16 plus years and was a beta tester for many of those years until health issues prevented me from continuing helping regularly. I went back a long time with Dave when he was alive and WE ALWAYS were able to solve issues like this./

I have tried all of your suggestions, re-installed Windows twice, and I have spent the last three days trying to figure this thing out, even downloaded new drivers for me writer from the manufacturer\'s all to no avail.

I am in the middle of a very important project to be used in one of our community shows and I am cut with my pants down and probably will have a lot of disappointed individuals if I don\'t get this resolved by next Tuesday.

I guess my only solution, at this point, is to start searching for another software package that\'ll get the job done. I will try to give Brian a call on Monday and see if he has anything to suggest.

Again, thank you

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