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This is the method for Windows 2000

The MTU.Community Forums require Cookies to function correctly. If you don't have Cookies enabled in your Internet Browser, every time you go to post, or change to another Thread, it will require you to login again. What a pain!

Well, its not the Forums fault. You need to enable Cookies in your Browser. The Forum cookie will then be stored on your hard drive and WILL SURVIVE power off. Your Cookies may not be enabled for power down. If not, you may be using a "session cookie", which keeps you logged in for the current session. However, it will be "eaten" when you close your Browser, or if you browse away from the Forum for some time and return.

To enable Cookies in your Browser on Internet Explorer (IE) running on Win 2000, do this:
Click Tools menu
Click Internet Options command
Click Privacy Tab

Enter and click the Always Allow button. If this doesn't do it for you, enter instead of

For Windows XP Home or Pro, it should be very similar.

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