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First I put up my songs by singers and cluster them together, I write down the rotation on a small pad. This is handy for keeping records of gigs also. Lot of my singers have helpers sing with them. I used to have a problem with that, I now say hey the more the merrier, but each person selects one song each rotation, I don't care if they have three friends that sing every song with them, I call only one name it is up to them to call helpers. When I got a complaint on this (Man and Wife duets) I simply showed them I put her name first on the next song and they both sang in each rotation. I put their songs up together, in a list that lines up with rotation, ask what one they want to sing each time I call them up.

Now the Drive letter problem.

Yeah plugging it in the same port helps, this does too, plug it in first, the pc will name it with the next available drive letter. Hopefully you done this when you built your database. If not, plug it in boot it up, open hoster and rebuild the data base. Just a pecking order so to speak.

If you plug in a USB flash drive first then the external the flash drive will have that letter. This in itself can be a pain as the U3 system for flash drives and Vista will name the U3 as one drive and the flash drive as another. Found that out when one of my DJs read a KMA file from a flash drive, that was fun. Song came up in the database but was not on the hard drive.
Take care and have fun. Swany

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