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Wink Singer Rotation

Reading the forum, I noted that some are struggling to maintain a rotation. There was a SND button that some used to use, gone in 4.06, and keeping the songs was a suggested solution.

I did the following and it works great:

First, when I get my singers I add their names to a paper list numbered from 1-xx, such as 1 marie, 2 dave, etc. When I add their song, I enter their name with the number as a prefix. That way when the show display shows the next singers, they see the number and their name as well as the song they are going to sing.

Then, I took a song, number 101 as it turns our in my song book, and edited the title from Angel Eyes to "Your Personal CD-G". I did this because I do get a lot of singers who have their own discs. Those singers know to bring their cd with them.

When a singer who uses my msuic, sees his or her name with that title, they generally remember to bring up a slip.

I allow all songs to delete after play to keep my screen clear, and to be certain I keep everyone in the rotation, I keep all singers on the screen using their numbered name and "you personal cd" as the title. As the singer sings, I keep moving the "dummy" song down to the next rotation section.

Works great and never a doubt about the rotation.
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