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Red face You Too?

Originally Posted by marklwood View Post
Back in 2004 I bought Hoster. Realizing that computerized Karaoke was the way to get ahead in the market, I had tried all the other competing products and found Hoster to be the most full featured and easiest to use.

When I emailed MTU for help, I didn't get a robo email in reply, I got a call from the owner!! Since that time I have found that MTU has a genuine desire to push Karaoke to be the best that it can be. They are very attentive to their customers, usually to their own detriment. I have never looked back on my decision to use Hoster. I will continue to use it and support MTU in any way that I can.

Same Time - Same Station! I have also looked over the competitors products, and agree that once you become comfortable with Hoster, it's a great product, that has few equals. I will be anxiously awaiting to see what Hoster will expand to be in the near future, that will make us KJ's that much more appreciative of a product that keeps evolving in order to keep Hoster and US on the cutting edge of the Karaoke industry.

I like Hoster more every time I use it! The new features are just icing on the cake! I've had a rock solid product ever since I decided to take the plunge into Computer Karaoke, back in 2004, and will never look back.

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