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Smile First Time using 4.05

I just up-graded to 4.05 from 3.21, I was a little worried about how it would work and if there would be any problems that I keep reading about, but everything worked great. I was doing and outside show for a 30th birthday party in Lloydminster (Alberta) I started at 6.30 with music using Windows media player, I did notice the Hoster was slow to start up with the music running but once I started Karaoke it worked great. The crowd loved the instabutton sounds and commented on how good the system works. I was to play until 11:00pm (noise by-laws) but they kept me busy until 12:30am, (the next door neighbors where invited).

The host of the party wished they would haved offered my wife and I a bed for the night, so that I would have been able to play until 3 or 4am, I was glad I live 60km out in the country, I had a feeling the cop's would have been showing up shutting me down.

Anyway thanks for 4.05 I'm a true believer now, all my worries are in the past.
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