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Originally Posted by KaraokeDj38030 View Post
I am Loving the 4.05 on XP home I ran hoster non-stop from 8 pm last night until about 4am this morning I had No out of sync lyrics, everything ran on Auto very well no cut off displays everything ran as it Should Even imported some disc (imported extremly fast, and no bad imports) Thank you Hoster and beta Testers for working all those long hard hours to get this out to us with so many fixes. I know the is a issue with .net frame 3.5 but this to is a easy fix Just don't install it!!by the way QUICK FIND GUYS. Keep up the great work MTU I for one am a forever customer looking to buy a quad the first of the year. As I will be upgrading to more systems Hopefully NOT VISTA!!
did the same and i didnt have any problems, few of the brands ( sav's and nikodo ) had a minor problem, but it wont stop or wont keep you from running a show..other than that it's great..
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