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Smile Music Editor Software

Hi guys ¿Does anyone here knows of a very good music editor software?, which includes a very good EQ and all the related features as remasterization or sound restoration, noise reduction, cut & paste, mixxing, reverb, replicate, easy to understand and use and of course at a good price, ¿Who can recomend it to me?. I see there are many in the web but I want to buy something based on someone else's experience
Why? because I already spent $80 in one that contains a more that 100 pages manual about what it can do but nothing about how to do it, which is the most important.
What I need it for? Simple, I have an ample repertory of removed-vocals songs with vogone and some are good- need nothing else- and some others with a retouch might be just beautiful to sing

You can email me to:
I will appreciate it

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