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We love you too Jimmy!

Hoster 4.11 (currently shipping) does have lots of new features that do require a more powerful processor and more RAM. We have "test codes" for both that run every time you run Hoster 4.11 that will warn you if either is insufficient.

Oh yes, did I mention that every month (target is by the 5th) we are releasing a new version of 4.11 (or 4.20 when released) with our latest Import Bucket Database. That's part of the Upgrade now; i.e. we're not charging separately for it.

We are now working on Hoster 4.20. One of the features we will add is a means to DISABLE the processor/memory hog features so you can run on older computers that can't be upgraded. We really want our long term customers to be able to use as many of the new features (and bug repairs) as they can. Heck... ya'll requested them!

As part of this "feature" we are adding a Tools menu "Enable Advanced Features" command that will allow trying what will work on that computer, one feature at a time, or enable all the new power features to see if they will run together.

So... if you can't wait for 4.20 that "might" run on your current computers, go ahead and buy a new wizz-bang system. BTW: I'd get 3 or 4GB RAM because Windows 7 is a hog, and one can only imagine what SR1 will require.

One warning! Microstudio won't WRITE or DUPLICATE a disc on any Windows 64-bit system, and Windows 7 64-bit is all you can buy today. Thus, you will loose the ability to run Microstudio on your new computer if it is Windows 7.
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