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Exclamation "true stereo" and "karaoke" settings save the same

I just bought VoGone and I'm very impressed with it's ability to remove vocals. But I've got a problem. Whether I choose to save the file as "true stereo" or "karaoke" I get combined channels.

I'm working with a file which has the lead vocal on the right and the backup vocals on the left. What I'd like to do is make one pass removing the lead vocal, save as "true stereo" which, if I understand the manual correctly, should give me a relatively unaltered left channel, since the lead vocal is on the right, and then make a second pass to remove the backup from the left channel. But the "true stereo" setting gives me identical left and right channels, mixed from the stripped file.

Is there something I need to do to get the "true stereo" other than just highlight it when saving?

ps. FWIW, it would have been cool if you'd called the software "VoBegone" then there'd be all sort of Garrison Keillor jokes available. ;-)
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