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Hoster Entertaining Troops in IRAQ


Let me give you my testimonial. Feel free to use it as you please.

I'm currently stationed about 45 miles North of Baghdad, Iraq with the Air Force. I purchased Hoster in December, two days before I came here. I only had time to copy about half of my CDG collection to my Laptop hard drive. After being in country about a week I stopped by the base recreation center to see what activities they had. Karaoke was on the menu, but it operated with singers looking through a book of discs, selecting a song giving the disc to the rec center employee who then played them on CDG player. I asked if they would mind if I ran their Karaoke nights. So on week two, I ran the Hoster Song Book feature and printed up a dozen lists. Then having never so given your program a dry run in public, plugged my lap top in to their sound system, attached an additional monitor and opened the floor to singers. Flawless! Simply outstanding! The singers were thrilled, I was thrilled. You simply cannot find a better Karaoke program on the market, period dot! With over two hundred folks every week, my life as a Karaoke DJ is simple and fun. Most of all thank you for making it possible to give the troops a little break from the action. Major Brad Egginton, Balad Air Base, Iraq.

There you have it. Outstanding software!

MTUSUPPORT ADDED: This was emailed to MTU by a client serving in Iraq.
Bryan, MTU