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newer music -- lisa solomon question:

I got an almost perfect result removing the lead vocal in the Justin Timberlake song "Cry me a river" and all I had was an mp3 of the song (converted to wav). The only problem was that one of the rap singers in the background (singing sound effects) was also center panned and I got rid of him too along with J.T. But the result was still better than one of the commercial karaoke versions that had chopped out part of the song in order to cram more songs on the disk.

It all depends on the song, and you can't tell in advance which will work and which won't. However, best bets are songs in which (a) there is basically only one lead singer and (b) the lead singer doesn't also play an instrument, or if he or she does, doesn't play a lead instrument.

Vogone is still the best stripper software around, but I've gotten good results on maybe 25% of the songs I've tried (lead vocal gone without too much background distortion.) I'm looking forward to the new version with the pan control and echo cancellation.