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Your questions

Lisasolomon, Vogone has the high and low filters built in to allow you to define music frequencies at the same location as the vocals that you do not want to remove. This is a removal process so you must exclude the music from the template that will be removed. You do not need any other hardware/software.

However, Vogone only processes .wav files on your hard drive. There are many programs that allow you to read CD tracks into the hard drive as .wav files. Our Microstudio software is what we would recommned... of course!

And, Microstudio allows you to write your .wav files back to a CD as individual tracks, built up in the Custom Assembly tab as your "disc image" before writing it.

Vogone is US$54.95, Microstudio (if you want it) is US$39.95, and... if you don't have a CD Burner, you will need one. We sell CDG certified burners, but for Vogone you don't need this (unless you are going to create your own CDG Karaoke songs, and then a CDG certified burner).

You should also read the Vogone Testimonials to see what various other users have said, with some very good details on which songs they have been successful removing/reducing vocals.
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