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Vocal reduction overall notice

Lisa, these are good questions.

There are some songs that can have their vocals fully removed, others that will partially reduce, and still others that will not reduce at all. It is not possible to tell if your songs will or will not until you try them.

MTU's Vogone is one of the most sophisticated vocal reduction products on the market. It uniquely allows you to put back some of the music frequencies of instruments that are a the same location of the vocals, and would otherwise be completely removed with the vocals. Other products will remove all the instruments at the same location as the vocals. This can make a VERY BIG difference in your resulting vocal reduced song.

Vocal reduction services have the same tools that you can buy. Many have purchased the Thompson Vocal Eliminator box (model VE-3 is $1,600 and VE-4 is $2,495) which does not do any better at vocal reduction than Vogone. Click here to read testimonials about Vogone, including one that compares it to several competiting products, including the Thompson VE-3.
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