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Re: Vogone Removal File

Originally Posted by Musicman51 View Post
I noticed i didn't save my version of Vogone when i downloaded it some time ago. How do i remove it online now? A service ticket? I won't remove that one untill i hear from someone as to how to remove it. I'm switching computers, the rest of my mtu programs i have the file for. But not this one for some reason????
What version do you have on that computer?
Go to Support on MTU web site. Click on Vogone button and look to see if the version you have is listed. If it is then you can download a copy of the installation program file and then use it while on line to remove it from the old computer and use it to install on new computer.
If it isn't listed then you will have to do two things. Submit a ticket to get it cleared for the old computer and purchase an upgrade for the new computer.
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