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Re: Undo multiplex (remove vocals) for zip file

Originally Posted by carmcoop View Post
Now I want to burn this song to cd WITHOUT the vocals. Based on what I have read (manuals and forum) I need to use VoGone to do this. Manual makes it sound easy - supposedly VoGone will recognize that it's a multiplex file and walk me through the steps.

Open VoGone, browse to select song. Maybe this is where I'm missing it - what file do I need to open? If I select 'files of type' = karaoke, I don't have a file in any of the types listed (kma, bin, mp3+g, etc). One of the file types is kma, but I don't have a kma file - hoster created a kmh file and that is not an option in vogone. I don't have a kma file. I have a zip file (containing mp3 and cdg) - if I select this, vogone decompresses and opens just the audio mp3 file.
Almost right, except the "assumption" that Vogone can recognized a Mux'd song, which no program can do.

Run Vogone and YOU select the "Undo Mux" button under the Hold My Hand section on the left. This TELLS Vogone it is a Mux'd song and it will walk you through "de-muxing" it... if it is truly Mux'd.

HOWEVER... Vogone's manual defines a MUX file as containing Music on one channel, and Music+Vocals on the other. If you hear the vocals from both Left-Right speakers, this is NOT a Mux song, but a stereo song, and you can't remove the vocals with the UnMux section of Vogone.

Originally Posted by carmcoop View Post
We have a (cd) karaoke player set up in our basement... It's okay if the cd version is multiplex, I can use the player to turn off vocals, although ideally we would be able to have the karaoke song without vocals.

I tried burning to disk using microstudio - but result was the song with full vocals, and obviously not multiplex because our player could not remove vocals using the multiplex control.
Since it isn't a Mux song, then click off the Hold My Hand "Unmux" button and click the "Vogone" button. Follow its steps and you may find that you can vocal remove this STEREO song.

Have faith, what you and your family want to do (with the exception of "non-Mux" songs) is exactly what our Suite 4 is designed for you to do.

So, don't get discouraged over one song, and as I say above, if it's a stereo song (versus a digitally remastered pre '60s song which is really monaural), you still may end up with a song without vocals.

Vogone ALSO allows you to create a true Multiplex song with Music only (vocals removed) on one channel and the Music+Vocals (original stereo channels digitally mixed so all musical instruments are present) on the other. Just choose the "Make Multiplex" in the Output Format: list box before clicking the Save As button.

The beauty of a Mux song (at least with Hoster) is that while playing a Mux song, if the Singer is getting behind, you can select the "Vocals" button (to the right of the Stereo button) and now the Singer hears the music WITH the vocals, and they can get back in sync.
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