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Re: Undo multiplex (remove vocals) for zip file

I just want to get a karaoke version of this song onto a cd.
We have a (cd) karaoke player set up in our basement, and we'd like to have this song on disk so we can play it without having to take the laptop down, hook it all up and use hoster. (I'm still just loading cd's, I haven't yet even tried to hook up the laptop to the TV/sound system)
It's okay if the cd version is multiplex, I can use the player to turn off vocals, although ideally we would be able to have the karaoke song without vocals.

I tried burning to disk using microstudio - but result was the song with full vocals, and obviously not multiplex because our player could not remove vocals using the multiplex control.

We are not professionals - personal use only, including some family functions. I got the mtu suite so that we can protect the files (some disks are 10 yrs old now and starting to degrade), plus make it easier when we do the family gatherings. I got this one song for my husband - he will always and forever want to use a cd on our set up in the basement. It seemed that the mtu suite would allow me to do all of that - protect the songs, use laptop/hoster for traveling, and still burn cd's for our use at home on current set up.
This seems to be working, except for the multiplex files.
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