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Re: Undo multiplex (remove vocals) for zip file

Originally Posted by carmcoop View Post
I purchased a song via download. I have a zip file.
The zip file contains an mp3 file and a cdg file. The song is multiplexed.
I have successfully imported via Hoster and I can play fine on Hoster - with or without vocals. Great so far.
Now I want to burn this song to cd WITHOUT the vocals. Based on what I have read (manuals and forum) I need to use VoGone to do this. Manual makes it sound easy - supposedly VoGone will recognize that it's a multiplex file and walk me through the steps.
Open VoGone, browse to select song. Maybe this is where I'm missing it - what file do I need to open? If I select 'files of type' = karaoke, I don't have a file in any of the types listed (kma, bin, mp3+g, etc). One of the file types is kma, but I don't have a kma file - hoster created a kmh file and that is not an option in vogone. I don't have a kma file.
I have a zip file (containing mp3 and cdg) - if I select this, vogone decompresses and opens just the audio mp3 file.

Vogone v.3.4, Hoster v.4.32
The CDG file is just the lyrics and doesn't contain the music. So the only file you want to modify is the MP3 (audio). Not sure that Vogone is really the way to do this. Being multiplexed means that the file has music only on one channel and music plus vocals on the other.

Are you going to use this for going to another karaoke show? If so they should have capability to handle multiplexed songs.
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