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Undo multiplex (remove vocals) for zip file

I purchased a song via download. I have a zip file.
The zip file contains an mp3 file and a cdg file. The song is multiplexed.
I have successfully imported via Hoster and I can play fine on Hoster - with or without vocals. Great so far.
Now I want to burn this song to cd WITHOUT the vocals. Based on what I have read (manuals and forum) I need to use VoGone to do this. Manual makes it sound easy - supposedly VoGone will recognize that it's a multiplex file and walk me through the steps.
Open VoGone, browse to select song. Maybe this is where I'm missing it - what file do I need to open? If I select 'files of type' = karaoke, I don't have a file in any of the types listed (kma, bin, mp3+g, etc). One of the file types is kma, but I don't have a kma file - hoster created a kmh file and that is not an option in vogone. I don't have a kma file.
I have a zip file (containing mp3 and cdg) - if I select this, vogone decompresses and opens just the audio mp3 file.

Vogone v.3.4, Hoster v.4.32
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