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Re: Red Light and Volume Control

Originally Posted by MikeP View Post
Emilio, the best response I can think of is to explain how I deal with setting the volume and trying to avoid having the gain set so high that I get distortion. Basically I select the loudest part of the track and ensure that it does not go into the red. I find it quite easy to see if it's in the red - there is a distict change in color between being in the yellow and going into the red. If you don't see that perhaps you just need to push the volume up higher until you do see it (& possibly hear the distortion).
The other method I use is not to look at all - just listen and ensure their is no distortion - however that method will not be helpful for you I don't think.
Actually, that's how I've been doing it, by listening. The red light is for reference. I put it up to the top of yellow, and that's where I have trouble seeing if the red glows or not. I do see it but it's subtle. Then I bring it down and listen for any distortion.
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