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Re: Red Light and Volume Control

Originally Posted by MikeP View Post
Emilio, do you know whether you are colour blind?? It is fairly common for males to have this condition. I sail with a guy who cannot differentiate between red and green
The existing colour scheme conforms with the industry norms.
The only alternative I can think of would be to allow you to customize the color schem to suit your own needs/preferences. Not sure how difficult that would be to facilitate...............
Mike, actually I am not color blind. I do see it changing, but it's hard to see. The difference between the red not lighting up, and lighting up, is very small. Check it out for yourself. It's like the 4th or 5th step on Vogone, where it tells you to bring the volume down until the red stops turning on. I can see it mostly, but since it's only one block, it's hard to tell.
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