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Hoster..what a work horse.

At our bi~monthly American Legion fish fry {12/03/10}, the club commander asked me to please play some christmas carols while our members and guest were eating. I started the carols around 5pm, with karaoke starting at 8pm. Karaoke went over time, and finished around midnight. Also played some dance music for about an hour or so untill around 1AM and last call. Hoster ran a minimum of 8 hours WITHOUT A REBOOT. I'm using a laptop with 32 bit Windows XP. What a work horse hoster is. I use to drag around 450 CDG's. With my health issues, hoster is a lifesaver. If you are thinking of purchasing this software, don't hesitate and go to the mtu website and "Git-R-Done". Support is fantastic, price is the best in the business.
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