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Smile Videos..YES.... Wow... this is great!!!

I happen to be one of those karaoke businesses that had lots of those old laserdiscs and vcds.... wow... I have most of them in my Hoster library now.. I had been capturing the lasers for years and burning them to vcd to use in the karaoke machines. I just got so tired of lugging the lasers around because I am a totally mobile rental service... I saved all those mpg files when capturing.... I was able to play them with Hoster from the "Video" button, but now I just add them to my library and can call them up as kmh, as I can the kma files. This is wonderful... the trick is.. convert the mpgs to avi (editing the audio gain at the same time) then convert them to divx.. it's a little time consuming, but it is all worth it in the end... Hoster plays them beautifully.... thank you MTU, I've been working towards this end for years... and it's finally here. I am using a very fast hp pavillian laptop, 64bit, 3 gb ram, tri-core processor with 2 internal hard drives... but, it works well on my back-up computers that aren't as fast as well....
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