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Direct-X programs require another to run

Bert, DNoise is not a "stand-alone" program. It must run within a platform program that can run Direct-X plug-ins.

You have Microeditor 5.3, which can run direct-x plug-ins like DNoise.

Do these steps to run DNoise:
1. Run Microeditor 5.3
2. Open a project so you have some segments to play with
3. Click a segment and click the EFX menu, DirectX command
4. You will see the MTU DirectX dialog box, allowing up to 8 plug-ins to run concurrently.
5. Click the "slot 1" (topmost) down pointing arrow to open up the list of plug-ins on your computer. You should see DNoise in the list.
6. Click DNoise so it appears in the field
7. Proceed with the DNoise manual from here.

Post back here if this didn't work, or call MTU and ask for Bryan
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