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Cut my teeth on Jose Alfredo

Yeah, my first experience with Karaoke was singing "Que Te Vaya Bonito" at the school I worked for. I didn't even know who Jose Alfredo Jimenez was until one of the teachers there clued me in that he was quite the biggie in Mexican, mariachi music. I was a missionary in Colombia and the song had been sung by a Colombian artist, so I knew the song.

Another biggie is Vicente Fernandez, who is obviously a higher voice than Jose Alfredo, but thanks to Keyrite, I have done my share of "Chente" songs.

Anyway, AVF has at least two Discs of Mariachi that have real instruments. They have another Mariachi volume, but the instruments are synthesized.

You have the Multi-Karaoke disc. I'm disappointed that they haven't made one completely of Jose Alfredo.

I do have a Multi-Pistas disc of just his songs and I am enraged that some of them are not in the original keys, but what are you going to do? Luis Miguel sings "El Rey" and "Si Nos Dejan" and he sings very high.

There are quite a few discs that have Pistas that are perfect for using the KHPRO program to add graphics, and they have real instruments. Not sure if you have the KHPRO program, but it's perfect for your situation in conjunction with Keyrite!! There is probably more useable material in Spanish than in English. I don't know of that many English songs that have instrumentals but no graphics. In Spanish, there are a ton!!

Good luck in San Antonio
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