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hwheeler43 August 19th, 2011 09:48 AM

Getting Better All The Time
I have been working on an older desktop with Windows XP Pro and an old Nvidea card. Hoster is working but really slow loading the Singers in the Singers database and adding songs to the playlist. I know it is the Video card and have ordered an ATI card. That said I just hooked my Dell 17inch Laptop back up using the same External hard drives and downloaded the latest Hoster update. Imagine my surprise when I ran a mock show and everything loaded and worked faster than ever. I normally turn off my wireless connection and disable services that are not needed during a show. Well even with everything running I was pulling up Singers from my Singers Database with over 50 songs in their lists in just a few seconds. This is outstanding. Thanks MTU, Hoster is the best!

admin August 19th, 2011 05:24 PM

Re: Getting Better All The Time
Well gosh... Thank You! :w

We are working on Hoster 5.03 right now. This week we discovered a way we can significantly speed up accessing our databases.

We expect to release 5.03 Beta 3 tonight for our international Beta Testing team to beat on. It's not a "major" code change, so if all goes well over the weekend, we should release 5.03 next week... but that is NOT a promise. :r :w

We'd like to hear back how 5.03 performs for you. :)

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