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BLevy July 20th, 2001 04:28 PM

Opening Dnoise manuel and or Dnoise program
I'm new to Dnoise programs: however, "I believe" I've installed them on my drive correctly. I'm using Windows 98. I can find both the manuel file and the program file on my drive. However, when I try to open either, I'm shuttled into the installation program to again install them from the web. Directions Please? What am I doing wrong? Why can I not open either file? Thanks, Heyme.

admin July 22nd, 2001 08:42 AM

Both files are packaged for web delivery. You so far have just downloaded them over the web. You must now "install them" on your computer by double clicking them. Double click them and follow the instructions. The resulting installed files can then be used.

Please remember that DNoise is a direct-x plug-in that must be run from another program (audio editor usually) to have it do its work. :w

BLevy July 30th, 2001 04:20 PM

Openning dnoise manual & program
July 30, 2001
Tried to follow instructions to install and open the dnoise manuel. I installed O.K. per program instructions. When I tried to open in "notes" and or "Write", I got error message saying to effect it could not be converted to be opened.
I then tried to install using control panel "Add/Remove programs".
Again I hit a blank wall. Please straighten out this dummy using a program for dummies.
I installed in "C:\MTU\manuals\Dnoise". Also installe same on D: drive. Have not tried working with operating part of Dnoise until I can open and read the manual.

Thanks. Heyme.

admin August 1st, 2001 01:54 PM

Problem is opening a .DOC file with graphics
It turns out that Notepad and Wordpad won't open the graphic images in a .doc file.

I have emailed you directly, a copy of the manual in Adobe Acrobat format. If you need to get Adobe's free Acrobat Reader, it is at:

Let me know if this does not meet your needs.

Forgive me, but since I established your username for you as Heyme, I have now renamed you to BLevy, now that I know you are our long time Microeditor client. :w

BLevy August 16th, 2001 10:12 AM

Opening and using Dnoise program
I believe I finely actually successfully downloaded the Dnoise program to my hard drive as C:\...\MTU\MTUDnoise DirectXPlugin.

I have it in Windows Explorer and can open the file in the Explorer window.

Now the problem is from there nothing happens or I don't know how to activate the program so that it is a working program. Nothing happens after I open the file. It may be because I don't know what a "direct X plugin" is. Perhaps that could be explained to me also.

How do I set up the program so that it is a working program like any other software? I'm using Windows 98; I have Adobe Reader 5.0 on my drive also. Where do I go from here?
BLevey as BLevy

admin August 23rd, 2001 10:58 AM

Direct-X programs require another to run
Bert, DNoise is not a "stand-alone" program. It must run within a platform program that can run Direct-X plug-ins.

You have Microeditor 5.3, which can run direct-x plug-ins like DNoise.

Do these steps to run DNoise:
1. Run Microeditor 5.3
2. Open a project so you have some segments to play with
3. Click a segment and click the EFX menu, DirectX command
4. You will see the MTU DirectX dialog box, allowing up to 8 plug-ins to run concurrently.
5. Click the "slot 1" (topmost) down pointing arrow to open up the list of plug-ins on your computer. You should see DNoise in the list.
6. Click DNoise so it appears in the field
7. Proceed with the DNoise manual from here.

Post back here if this didn't work, or call MTU and ask for Bryan

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