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gd123 January 11th, 2021 04:35 PM

Problem going from KMA to WMA+G
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Used Hoster 6.01.07 to import Wma+G to KMA
Files play OK
Now, I want to use Songverter 1.31 (friend used latest version 1.33) to convert the KMA back to Wma+G.
Both versions of Songverter fails and gives error code as follows:

Unknown Source KMA Format: 9.

Please contact MTU. C:\\Users\\mike\\Desktop\\New folder\\ZOOM001-1 - 10CC - Dreadlock Holiday.kma

I uploaded this file for your test:
ZOOM001-1 - 10CC - Dreadlock Holiday.kma

Please advise, as I am wanting to convert all KMAs back to Wma+g, the original files, and convert the WMAs to MP3s due to the WMA losing support over time.

Roy Dennis January 13th, 2021 08:35 AM

Re: Problem going from KMA to WMA+G
It seems that it is not converting any wma types, I tried your file and some from my own library.
Proberbly a system update or the wma support dropping.
Only thing I can suggest is put in a support ticket.

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