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Old April 3rd, 2004, 08:57 PM
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Question Unable To Re-Install Microstudio

I've had so much trouble with my old computers that I've had to replace them and cannot install Microstudio on either of the 2 new ones. I get an error saying that it is registered to another computer and will not install. I've read through this forum and saw ADMIN tell one to send him a private message with the registration e-mail address so I also sent one to ADMIN almost 2 weeks ago and no response. Admin read the e-mail on March 22.
On March 29 I sent a private message to MTUSUPPORT with all of my registration info including the Registration code given me. As yet MTUSUPPORT has not read the private message I sent. I no longer have the download address for Microstudio as My old computers crashed (Lightening strike got them). Luckily I had the download and registration backed up on CD. I've noticed that after I first sent the messages others have posted in the forum and got responses very quickly. So therefore this thread was started in hopes of geting a response.
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Old April 6th, 2004, 11:09 AM
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Thank you for following our directions

First, I am sorry you have had difficulty getting our attention.

We do the best we can on supporting each users needs, however somehow I did miss following up your PM to me. As president of MTU, I am very busy, as is MTUSUPPORT. That should be kept in mind always. MTU DOES NOT charge for instant response support, and sometimes we simply can't provide it... in your timing.

Our Support Page clearly requests that you post your questions in the MTU Forums. That way worked for you. Emails aren't always delivered (or delivered days or even weeks later), and PMs are easily fogotten as they are in a hidden area that we don't visit daily.

I have now cleared your Microstudio Registration Records. You can install on your computers again.

I noticed another post from you touting the benefits of, as you imply, a "non-protected" competitor. In a year, you will discover that their installations will STOP RUNNING until you buy their product again!

Further, if you have tried to communicate to them, I think you will find their support non-existant. However, today, we have solved your need. You are now able to continue running Microstudio on your computers forever... if you protect them from lightening and don't reformat them frequently. BTW: reformatting WILL ALLOW our products to be reinstalled. Changing your hardware or Windows at the same time requires a new registration.

Also, Microstudio allows you to play your CDG discs/songs, and easily make custom assembled discs of your favorite songs... which the other program doesn't.

The VAST MAJORITY of Karaoke users CANNOT get that other program to run. We know. They buy Microstudio, which is the easiest to use, easiest to get support for, and... uses protection means that we CAN help you... when our directions are followed.

Security is a way of life today. Everyone must get used to it. The crack sites are full of products for free... and many of the companies who wrote them are no longer around. How to you get support from them when you need it? We plan to remain here to help all our paying users.

Again, I am sorry you did not get a timely response before.
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