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Old February 19th, 2003, 10:02 AM
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Hold Off On That Delete Button !

This thread may be of more value to newer users than you "old salts".

Now that we have the means to save projects in Kpro for future editing, the following thinking can easily creep in.

You have a song in .WAV form. You import, use, and save it in Kpro as a .KPR file, then decide to export it to .CDG so you can view it in Microstudio.

Let's take a look at file sizes. I have an arrangement of "I Have A Dream" that is 47.7 mg., and one of "I'm Sorry" that's 27.6 mg. The average of the two is 37.65 mg. so let's use that number. That's probably par.

Let's say you are going to put 20 cdg tracks on a cd... 20X37.65 equals 753 mg, saved in three places equals 2,259 mg, or over 2 1/4 gb space. If you're running lean, say with a 10 gb or less hard drive, it can become a concern. After all, you have the music file in three places now, .WAV, .kpr, and .CDG.

Well, since I have it saved in .CDG for viewing,and .KPR for editing, I really don't need the original .Wav any longer, so I'll delete that one and save 1/3 hard drive space, until I'm through with the cd, and am ready to delete everything.


The .Wav file is NOT triplicated in Kpro, simply the link to the original .WAV file is saved there. You are not using as much space as you thought. If you delete the .WAV file, Kpro will not be able to open the file to do any editing.

Hope this helps someone along the way.


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Old February 19th, 2003, 02:25 PM
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That's a great piece of advice George.

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