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Old June 2nd, 2004, 02:52 AM
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How to Install 2.604 when a Registration Code problem appears

Microstudio 2.604 has a new Installation program. If you see this error message:

"The registration code you entered is wrong. Please find your download instruction email with your registration code and enter it exactly as it appears. Click Ok to close this message,then click the back button and enter the correct code."

Do the following:

On the Registration page there are three fields:

1. Registration Email field - This is found in your download instruction email

2. Original Registration Code field - Enter your Registration Code here (see below for description)

3. Upgrade Registration Code field - Leave this field blank

We are upgrading our web site registration script and it is not finished yet. Thus, to register and install version 2.604 and higher...

Enter the Registration Code you received in the download instructions email for your recent purchase into the Original Registration Code field. Don't enter anything in the Upgrade Registration Code field.

This should register and install version 2.605 and higher.

Downloading and installing version 2.604 is a free upgrade from version 2.506 or higher. Your Registration Code is found in the download instruction email you received when you ordered these products: Microstudio2500n, Microstudio25UpG, or Microstudio2600n.

The older Serial Number you received for Microstudio2400n or Microstudio2300n will not install 2.604. If you have Microstudio 2.3xx or 2.4xx, you need to order the upgrade for $15 to receive your new Registration Code.
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