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Old February 28th, 2003, 05:10 PM
George George is offline
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True Karaoke The Easy Way With Edirol Sound Canvas

Here's an easy way to make true Karaoke tracks using the Edirol Sound Canvas.

As you change the midi instrumentation take notes on the changes you make. Leave a lead instrument carrying the tune in. Save it to .wav as you normally do.

Now repeat the process, only this time take out the lead instrument. Save it to .wav with a slight change in name.

If you find it necessary to make any changes to the .wav files, with an audio editor(add 10 second silence countdown, for example) make certain to to it exactly the same to both tracks. They need to remain the same length.

Now get everything set up on Kpro as you normally would and import the track with the lead instrument carrying the tune. Get the sweeping and nudging done following the lead instrument, and when the track is as you want it, save as you normally would.

Now import the music again, this time importing the track without the lead instrument. Save it, overwriting the previous version.
You now have it in perfect Karoke with background music only.

Been having a blast with it..

You can also cut a full cd using both sets of tracks, background only for singing, and use the instrumental lead tracks as demo tracks instead of vocal demos. Not really that much difference for someone who needs to learn the tune. Working on one like that now for the other members of my Karaoke club, and it's saving me having to really learn all the arrangements well enough to sweep with only background music.

Only downside is in some cases not having background music interesting enough to carry instrumental breaks. If they repeat the song three times, most of the time they use a different instrument for the center one, which you can leave in for your instrumental break


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Old October 23rd, 2003, 04:38 PM
George George is offline
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Now the downside mentioned above regarding not having an interesting enough background to supplement an instrumental break is past history.

So are countdowns where there are no intro.

Using Goldwave, or any appropriate audio editor you can create a Karaoke track any way you want it.

For example, after having created an instrumental track and a Karaoke track per the above post, if there's no intro, load the full instrumental track you saved , locate a bit of music that would be an appropriate intro, extract, save, copy and paste it (according to the method used in your editing software) to the beginning of both the full instrumentation and karaoke files, and....goodbye countown. You now have an intro.

If you want to put an instrument break anywhere in the karaoke file that doesn't have one, find the portion you wish to use as an instrumental break in the full version. Follow the procedure used in your editing program and save that piece into a separate file. Take extreme care to make an accurate note of the location of the beginning and ending reference points of the track you just created.

Now once again, depending on how your editing software functions, delete the exact same parameters out of the Karaoke track and replace it with the instrumental track you extracted from the full instrumental.

If you take care to keep everything in place as it should be you can still use the method outlined in the prior post to sweep the instrumental track and convert it to a karaoke track because both files will be the same length, or at least within a few hundreds of a second, allowing for some degree of error. I've not noticed any difference in sweeping with as much as .250 of a second variance
between the two files.

This has opened up a whole new world for this Karaoke junkie, for sure. Takes time and patience, but WOW!

Hope someone else has fun with this one.


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Old October 25th, 2003, 07:53 AM
Garry A. Leslie Garry A. Leslie is offline
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True Karaoke with Sound Canvas

Hello George,
I have been following the various threads regarding Edirol, for some time.
Having not long purchased a copy I have been experimenting with sounds from midi.
My question is can you use this method to improve commercial CDG's where the sound is too synthetic, i.e. change the wav. back to midi, alter it and reform it as a wav. again?
Assuming you could, would it be legal?
I would also like to add some into's to some of my discs, for example I have never heard a commercial disc of Lady is a Tramp
with the original intro that Ella sings, which makes the whole song better and more complete.
As an avid experimenter yourself, would like your views please.
Regards from the UK
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Old October 25th, 2003, 08:32 AM
jaddams jaddams is offline
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Good concept, but...


In general, you can't convert WAV into MIDI. These are completely different concepts. It's like asking: How can I convert a cake back into 'the separate operations of the baker' AND 'the original ingredients (eggs, sugar, butter, flower, etc)'? ....

...Please click here for the rest of the story, and more information about WAV to MIDI.

Good luck,

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Old October 25th, 2003, 10:41 AM
George George is offline
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Not so certain it's totally out of the question. From what I've read, the software that does convert .WAV to MIDI converts it as a single file, not individual instruments.That's what Jon was saying.

It may be possible to load the converted file into Edirol and enrich the sound of the entire orchestration with the addition of the "chorus" feature, but I'd think that would be the extent of it.
You'd then have to save it back as a .WAV file and create your own cdg using Kpro. Using Jon's analogy, you may be able to put some frosting on the cake

As far as adding intro's to existing cdg's you'd have to extract the audio as a .wav file, then create the new file to your liking, using an audio editor, similarly as I outlined above. You'd then also have to create a new cdg in Kpro.

That's the best I can come up with. Hope it helps, and if someone has a better way, don't mind hearing it. That's how we help each other learn

Take care,


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