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Old April 25th, 2006, 05:25 AM
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Successful dithering

Thanks Jim, for these very interesting points for those who want to dither their final Medit project output.

Originally Posted by geezer
I have more or less moved on completely to Wavelab for CD mastering, which contains CD text and all the features in MicroCD, plus the ability to use plugins and dithering.....Since Microeditor/MicroCD uses no dithering, this was initially very confusing to me until I did a huge amount of experimentation and came up with a dithering scheme that always works and always sounds better than converting 24bit files from Microeditor to MicroCD-generated CDs....It should be noted that none of the 20 or so combinations of dither I tried worked this way except the one I ended up choosing. Everything else reduced the stereo stage and "size" and depth of the recording in a way that was inferior to the MicroEditor bit-reduction math. The method I discovered keeps the size and frequency responcy better than Microeditor....The whole experimentation process was bizarre in the extreme, but ultimately fruitful.
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