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Old June 2nd, 2001, 04:50 PM
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My first words have to be Wow! If you want to make a change in the key of a cd+g file you could not find an easier or faster program to do this for you. Yesterday I downloaded the program and ran it for the first time. Not only did I get it to work instantly but it worked correctly. What an addition to any karaoke person or business. I began to make copies of my cd+g's by extracting them with Microstudio 2.303 and then loading them into Keyrite and making the change to the key of the song on my disk. I was able to test each key up and down before I decided on which key was best for me. After finding the key that was the best I just told the program to write and gave it a name and there it was, my own song in my key. I did this to all of the songs that I needed to go up or down on. After doing each song I then made my own cd+g with only my songs in the correct key. Now when I go to karaoke business establishments I take only a couple of disks and never have to worry if the karaoke business's karaoke player has the ability to make key change and even eliminated the worry of the KJ not remembering to make the key change before I start my song. If you don't own this product and you do karaoke or work in the business you need to have this product! Oh Yea! A disclaimer is necessary. My recomendation is not because I am in anyway associated with MTU or any of their employees. In fact I know none of them personally and I live in Boise, Idaho which is a far distance from the company. I am a computer consultant who evaluates and fixes software problems daily. Enjoy the program!

Jerry Thomas MCSE, CIS, CIE etc!
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