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Old April 13th, 2008, 03:09 PM
sw00000p sw00000p is offline
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Unable to Install KHPro

I recently switched my verizon dls service to Verizon FIOS. (Fiber Optic & Wireless Router.)
Now KHPro won't open. I uninstalled it. thinking something became corrupt.
Now I can't Re-install it. Message states that khpro can only be used on 2 computers.
Two Computers? I only have One Computer!

Strange thing is, Microstudios and Vogone works fine. What's Going On?
I filled out the Support Email Web Form and it's been Days... No Reply.

I'm a long time customer, with many Upgrades. I've purchased the Certified Burner and MTU Disc.


Kind Regards,
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Old April 13th, 2008, 04:44 PM
madjim- with the Lord madjim- with the Lord is offline
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Here is my respone to this post.

It's All Good!

Don't Hate, Participate. GOD Bless!

Test Comp #1: P4 3GHz * 3gb RAM * XP Home SP3 * IE8 * WMP11 * NF3.5 * Onboard Sound * Onboard Video * * * MTU Rack (Show Computer) * P4 3GHz * 3gb RAM* XP Home SP3 * IE7 * WMP11 * NF3.5 * Sound Blaster PCI-512 * ATI Raydeon 9200
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