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Old February 26th, 2013, 11:32 PM
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Sonverter Crashes

I'm having issues with Songverter Ver. 131, program I'm converting 850 KMA Audio songs using MP3 format @ 256k it's running into errors and continues to scan, but within 15 minutes it runs into a file that crashed the program, on top of all that it doesn't write the "Faulty" file info back to the BedFileLog.txt...

I have to then figure out which file caused the program to crash because it's not writen back to the log, once I find the "Bad" file I then also have to "Save" the BadFileLog.txt under a different name before I exit...!!!

Because if I Don't and ReStart the program again it just wipes out all the previously run information which is Not Good, because I am still on the same folder run conversion session.....

I will need the complete previous error file log to fix any conversion problem in the current session the program writes, Right? Wrong it doesn't if you Restart the program...

This needs to be fixed. (Save By Session) or Date & Time...

Okay now, I go back to that file that crash the program and to my surprise it converted, I also was checking a group of files that caused errors in the Log and when I just group those files together, they converted with no issues?

So, I'm down to about 50 to 100 files at a time with better results, but still having some error write backs and a crash now and's very slow going and I have to baby sit the entire process. ):

I've also checked alot of the so called "error files" in Hoster and Microstudio and they work perfect, ...I'm not understanding why this is happening...

So, the more files I tag to a conversion session the more problems the Songverter program has, this is taking alot of work to do this when I have already ripped all those files into Hoster years ago and they play...

Looking for some answers here to solve this issue..
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