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Old May 28th, 2006, 06:25 PM
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Problem with 24-bit WAV files

I have just upgraded to MicroEditor 5.5 and it is running on Windows XP. I do field recording with a FOSTEX FR-2. The FR-2 writes either 16-bit or 24-bit WAV files to a CompactFlash device. When I record in 16-bit mode, MicroEditor handles everything fine. Not so when I record in 24-bit mode. Of course I'm being careful to open a project with the proper settings (i.e. 24-bit) before attempting to load the segment. MicroEditor loads the WAV file but does not recognize that it is 24-bit. It reports that the file is 16-bit even though it is definely 24-bit. I can load the same WAVE file in several other programs and they all see the file as 24-bit (mono).

Could someone help me solve this problem? I really need to run the FR-2 in 24-bit mode and edit the files in MicroEditor.

Robert Benson
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Old May 28th, 2006, 11:01 PM
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...You have to go real time, sorry....

I went through this with MTU a couple or three years ago, and this is one of the reasons I ended up putting my MTU computer on the shelf.

Microeditor only recognizes and creates 16-bit .wav files, or so I have been told. It will, however, record 24 bit files via the digital port in real time. That is your one option.....Another, which I have never pursued, is to change the header of your files so that they will work as .sf files. I think I remember Charles Lawson saying that this could be done, but I have never had a full explanation as to how, nor a response from him or MTU in this regard.....My memory is that Charles said he could take the files over to Cool Edit to do some work on them, then take them back to MEdit.....I just don't know how he made the trip back...

I requested for the work to be done to allow recognition of BroadcastWave files in 24bits (with or without the time stamp headers, which would have been very, very useful as well) as a means of giving the MicroEditor system some more usable life....I am pretty sure I did this in 2001, or possibly early 2002. In any case, the ultimate answer was no.

It took me a year or so to find a useful replacement. When I did, MicroEditor slowly migrated into storage.

I'm using the FR-2 as well. My "useful replacement" (Wavelab) has no problems with these files, nor do any of the other 3 programs I use.
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