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Old May 30th, 2003, 02:59 AM
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Are you receiving a "System Error #1" message?

How to solve this today:

1. Click your back button in your browser to return to the KHP4.x Help Forum.

2. Click the Ask a Question button

3. Use the subject System Error #1 - need help

4. Enter in the text what version of Karaoke Home Producer, or Karaoke Pro that you are running and that you need help.

5. We will email you instructions to solve your problem and get you running again.


You will ALWAYS receive a System Error #1 Contact MTU message IF any of the following are true:

1. Your computer does not have an Ethernet (Network) card. This requirement is stated on the MTU website in the second heading from the bottom of the page.

2. Your Ethernet card is not installed properly.

3. Your Ethernet card MACID # does not match the Serial Number given to you by MTU. This prevents installing KPro on unauthorized computers. If you are an honest KPro 4.0 owner, call MTU extension 203 and Doug Davidson will get you a new Serial Number that will work.

4. You have more than one Ethernet in your computer and the one you are using is not the same card you used to register KPro and get your Serial Number.

5. Your computer is on a network bridge and another network connection is bypassing your original card.


KPro 4.0 is locked to a Network (Ethernet) card so it can only run on one computer. If you don't have a network card in your computer, you will need to install one before running the kproid.exe program that detects all Network ports/cards and show their MACIDs to you. You then select the MACID you want to use and send it to the MTU web site, which automatically verifies you own the product and submits your request for a Serial Number. MTU manually generates your Serial Number and emails it to you. This will allow you to install and run KPro on the computer with that MACID/Network card.

If you don't have a Network card, buy a USB card from MTU for US$32.00. This allows you to move KPro to a different computer that has the USB Card plugged into it. If you need to run KPro on another computer, register with a USB Network card from MTU or purchase another license to run KPro on another computer.

If you see the System Error #1 message:

1. Check and make sure you have a properly installed Ethernet card in your computer.

2. During your program installation; copy and paste the serial number, rather than typing it yourself where required, and continue the installation. That should do it.

(Copying and pasting inserts the exact Serial Number. Some users mistake a "zero" for an "o". There are no o's, only zeros (0) in our serial numbers. Remember, the serial number you enter must be exact.)

If you are still having problems after making sure your Ethernet card is installed properly AND having followed the download and installation instructions exactly, then you should contact MTU explaing your problem as clearly as possible. The best way to do this is call Doug Davidson at extension 203.



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Old July 10th, 2003, 03:39 PM
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Many thanks Doug Davison (MTU) for providing me with a new serial number, thus solving my "System Error #1" problem.
John Cowan
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