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Re: pass-through levels are not the same

Originally Posted by Lvanett View Post
I don't know if I can provide the results from the newest version of Vogone, since the puter it was on died and I can't install it to my new one. I'll need another reg. code. But once I have it, I can send samples.

When I say Pass through frequencies, I'm referring to the bass and treble frequencies. HTH
You can install Vogone on 2 computers so go for it! If you have a problem, call me... you have my cell as I called you in December.

Two of us tried several songs last night with V2.110 and V3.50. I appeared you had discovered something we should research and make sure 3.50 wasn't deficient.

We couldn't really tell a difference in songs that were center panned. Songs without reverb were vocal removed equally. On songs where the vocal is panned off-center, 2.110 failed totally, while 3.50 totally removed the vocals.

Having said that, we will open up both 2.110 and 3.50 and verify that the "pass through" frequency cutoffs are the same.

In 3.50, our Blue-Yellow-Blue frequency meter shows the range that Vogone won't remove. We have adjusted this over the years to insure we are always removing the freq range that both male and female voices include. Since you can adjust the Low slider to not remove some vocals at its far right end, and the same with the High slider at its far left end, we are confident they have sufficient range to remove any singer's vocals.

If you would, please email me a link to the "free" vocal remover you reference above. I'd like to try it out. We believe Vogone 3.50 is the best available, but are always open to learn from others, just as they have from our work.
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